Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Dash of Colour

I test knit a shawl for a friend. It is designed to use one skein of Noro or colorful sock yarn, but I did it in some barely colored handspun that has been marinating in the stash for some time. The pattern is available on Ravelry here.

It is a very easy knit, perfect for the beginning lace knitter. It is a shawlette that sits nicely on the shoulders due to the shaping. I made it a bit bigger, as I wanted more coverage, and had the yarn available.

These photos were the best I could do, as it has been very windy here. Spring on the prairie, you know.


Joyce said...

Very delicate - looks nice and light to wear. It's nice to see what you are up to.
I am almost inspired to start a blog myself.

Jenny said...

Annie, beautiful, as always! I envy your talent and skills.

Also, I really like your blog, and have for some time. I was recently nominated for the beautiful blogger award, and it's an award where you nominate others as well, so I nominated maple corners!

Here: said...

Hi Annie,
I've followed your post for a few years, and wanted to say hello. I also watched the HBO project that you and your mother were in. I am currently working on my Bachelors degree in nursing (I've been a nurse for 16 years), and the Alzheimer's Project with you and your mother is one of the required videos to watch. Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that you and your mom are still touching lives, and shaping the minds and hearts of future nurses. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

I miss your blog really much. I started to follow it after i saw the documentary. Your mother reminded me a lot about my own mother who also suffered from the disease. Your blog helped me a lot. My mother passed away 15/10, a date we have in common now. Still hope that you will continue your blog some day. If not, i wish you all the best. Will always remember you and your mom.


Julene said...

I just want to say that I miss reading your blog posts (not that mine are very frequent at all)!
Hugs to you,

Linda ladeewolf said...

Have finished reading your blog, even your archives, hope all is well now, and you are doing okay.
I only found it a week or so ago.

Amy Smith Linton said...

Hello Annie
Hope all is going well in your life. Selfishly, I've missed hearing your updates, but I hope that you've been happy and busy elsewhere.
Best wishes