Friday, September 21, 2007

Threshing Bee

Last weekend was spent doing spinning demonstrations at a Threshing Bee put on by friends. I got to ride on the Keck pictured above.

It was a beautiful weekend of sitting in the sunshine, visiting with friends old and new, spinning, and people watching. I'll admit, I may have been a slacker in the spinning part, this is all I finished. There was just so much to see. Plus the usual spinning stoppages when explaining to people what I was doing. That is the purpose of demonstrating, after all!

We got our first frost Friday night. I had covered all the veggies, so they survived. I slipped on the frosty grass and did the splits and landed on my hip, but managed to save the six dozen eggs (the girls have been busy) I was carrying to bring to the Bee.

Mom spent the weekend in the Alzheimer's Unit at a nursing home, which is the only way I get any respite (about one weekend a month). The nurses said she kept them in stitches all weekend. My sister picked her up and brought her to my house, and she was still in a goofy mood, singing and dancing and making us laugh when she got home. I am so lucky that she is usually in a happy mood!


flintysooner said...

I clearly recall a time when I was pretty young when there was a threshing bee at a nearby neighbor's farm. It was a huge steam (I think) powered machine. And the grain had been gathered in sheaves and people brought wagons of it to the machine.

I was too small to really understand much about it but I do recall being so awestruck by the huge machine.

That must have been one of the last held around here because from then on I remember the custom combiners coming through.

We're still a ways off from our first frost but it is coming.

Glad your mom did well for your respite.

cornbread hell said...

your blog is delightful. so are you.
i hope you and your mom are doing well.