Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Art of Alzheimer's?

This is why I try to limit the amount of gum Mom chews. I never know where I am going to find it! I have to admit, this made me giggle. This trivit is usually hanging on the wall.

My broody hen hatched out her chicks yesterday. All 7 eggs hatched. Despite all the warnings about never helping a chick hatch, I did last night. The poor thing had been trying all day, and at 11 last night was still struggling. Most of the shell was gone, but the membrane had dried out and turned to a rubbery little cell for the guy. I held him in my hand and carefully peeled the membrane back until he was able to do the rest. I stuck him back under the hen, and this morning he was all dry and fluffy and chirpy. Yay!

I bought Mom a baby doll the other day at Fleet Farm. I had noticed that she loves looking at pictures of babies, and always smiles and comments if there is a baby on the television. She is fascinated when we are out in public and there is a baby nearby. It is hard to control her from reaching out and touching them. Anyway, she loves it! It is terribly sweet (but kind of sad) to see her talking to it, touching it, etc. She carefully sets it in a sitting position and tucks a blanket around it when she wants to do something else.


I had a friend who was wanting to sell two goats, and my sister wanted some goats. So I brokered the deal, and delivered the goats to my sister on Sunday. They are meat goats, but walk on a leash and basically act like big dogs. My five year old nephew is in love, and named them Larry and Gary. We had let them into their new pasture to explore, and my nephew asked,"When are we going to take their how much signs off?" Huh? How much signs? It took us a while, but then we explained that those weren't price tags, they were ear tags to help tell them apart.


flintysooner said...

The photo is wonderful. I don't know how you think to get a picture when you see something like that. But it is fascinating to me to think about it in a different context.

Great story on the tags!!

rilera said...

My Mom loves babies and children too. I tried giving her one of my Cabbage Patch dolls and she wasn't interesting tho. She does have a Webkinz stuffed Persian cat that she likes on her bed.

Loved the trivet pict and the story about the baby chick.

cornbread hell said...

the photo: i like your mom's attention to detail.

sweet and sad: very well put. sometimes i feel like i'm stuck in a weird dream, in some 6-dimensional chinese restaurant, ordering over and over. "i'll have the mom with the sweet and sad sauce."

peace to you and yours, maple corners.

foodhoe said...


I decided I wanted to start at the beginning of your blog and I love that both you and your mother are so creative. You photograph her artwork so well.