Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Big Daddy, aka Mr. Rooster

Two quick stories:

I was just out shutting the coop door, and doing a chicken head count. All present and accounted for. It was about 19 degrees or so, and all the chickens were huddled together on the roost. The rooster above actually had his wing covering one of the hens. It was so cute. I've never seen him do that before, I don't know if it is normal chicken behavior.

I had Mom sitting in the truck watching me unload the hay yesterday. After I finished, I got in the truck to drive it back to the house. Mom asked "Are we done now?" Yep, Mom, good job supervising. Thanks for your help!


rilera said...

Man it was cold today! I feel for those chickens.

texasterri2002 said...

sweet chicken wing.
sweet "good job, mom."