Thursday, December 27, 2007

How I spent my Christmas vacation

A few finished items, and some works in progress.
Finished items first, ok?

Fingerless mitts called "A little twist". This was my first experience with cabling, and I used the cabling without a cable needle method. This is a lovely pattern, I just might make a pair for myself. This pair was made from leftover yarn from the shawl I showed in an earlier post, and was intended to go to the same recipient. The box containing that shawl, another 7 ft tri-shawl, two pairs of socks and a neckwarmer seems to have gone astray in the mail system. I insured it, but all that about makes me cry. I hope that whoever has it needed the warmth it provides.

This is woven on an 18 inch tri-loom. It is just the right size to fit around the neck and tuck into the coat. This is one ply of brown alpaca (Wooly Bear) and one ply of a commercial yarn.

The fabric up close.

Here is another. This yarn is an alpaca/merino wool/silk/mohair blend that I called "Stormy sky". I think this will look great worn with a jean jacket.

This is the finished skein of the llama/wool/silk blend shown in an earlier post. It may decide to become an Irish Walking Scarf.

Some dyeing has been done too.

Mohair locks from a friend's flock of angora goats. She always has a booth at Shepherd's Harvest, (a wool/fiber festival held in the spring) and has invited me to join her this year. I may take her up on that.

This is a blend of alpaca/wool/silk/nylon that I got back from the mill recently. It is intended as a sock yarn blend.

Here it is being spun up.

Here it is in my favorite blues/purples colorway. I never seem to tire of this combination.


cornbread hell said...

beautiful work. beautiful pictures. as always.

rilera said...

I love those fingerless gloves. I've been wanting to knit myself a pair. The colors of your fiber are beautiful!

Annie said...
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Annie said...

Robyn, shoot me your address at annie at maplecorners dot com and I'll send you some yarn for a pair. What colors do you like?