Sunday, December 30, 2007

Peace of Mind

It's just a gate, right?

No, it is so much more.

This gate is peace of mind.

No more worrying that Mom would slip out of the house and into the night, or into one of the corn fields surrounding the house. I can actually sleep now.

Friends from my spinning group came and helped me put up fence all the way around my property, and installed the gate.

Have I mentioned how much I love the friends in my spinning group?


rilera said...

That is such a good thing! Your Mom is still pretty mobile so it will give you peace of mind I hope.

Thanks for the tip about Cipro and tendon issues. I'll mention it to the doc.

dragonxser said...

what wonderful friends you have! I loved the pictures of your mom and the little one - they were both beautiful :) Best of the New Year to you - your blog is one of the first ones I check every day. You and your Mom are often in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

where do you live???? all your pictures are so beautiful :( i want a house on land like yours too!

Robin said...

That's wonderful! You are so fortunate to have such a loving group of spinning buddies!

Annie said...

Thanks Karen. Best of the New Year to you as well.

Gina, I am in SE Minnesota, but I think it's actually heaven.

Yes, Robin, I am very fortunate.

Miss T said...

That sounds like a wonderfully generous and talented bunch of spinners. Happy New Year!

flintysooner said...

I so enjoy all your posts.

Happy 2008 to you and the Llamas and your mom and everyone at Maple Corners.

Cinnamin said...

We lived with a locked gate for four years...I'm glad that you have some peace of mind now! What a great group of friends!

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

What wonderful friends you have to help you with the gate, and how much better you must feel knowing Mom is safe from roaming now. Your Mom and Alex look so cute in those pictures and the pictures around your place are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.