Friday, January 11, 2008

Chow and Ollie

Once again, I am giving in to peer pressure.

A friend sent an e-mail suggesting that I call him ChowChow, because he looks like one (minus the blue tongue). She got all dramatic, "it will make my life to know I gave him something lasting". So, Chow it is. Plus, as you can see, he does like his chow!

The same friend was responsible for naming one of my llamas.

Ollie. Named after a musician accompanying Slaid Cleaves. Dobro? Bass? Keyboard? I don't remember. Apparently he is a good Backgammon player. Or was it Parcheesi? Hearts? Hmm, obviously only the name stuck in my memory.

1 comment:

rilera said...

My personal favorite was Sir Marmalade, Earl of Orange, but Chow is a fitting name also. He is a beauty.