Thursday, January 10, 2008

Seed Catalogs as Inspiration

It's that time of year again. The deluge of seed catalogs. I don't mind, really. It is easy to get lost in the pages, imagining what this year's garden will look like. What new tomato to try. What new hot pepper to try. Inspiration!

But that's not really what I'm talking about. The pictures of flowers in all their glory, the color combinations provided by nature. All that color. Well, it turns a dyers head to the dyepots. It turns mine, anyway.

It has happened before. This hollyhock from my garden

inspired this yarn.

Another attempt to recreate the hollyhock in roving resulted in a happy accident. When you add a pink and a yellow to a dyepot not quite hot enough to strike, you end up with


which then turned into this

All that to say that I am back to trying to recreate some flowers in roving and yarn. I did some dyeing today, and they are drying. I am trying a different approach, blending on the drum carder rather than in the dyepot. I'll do the blending tomorrow.

This is the blending that I did today, using the roving referenced in this post.

All 100% polypay wool. I think it would look lovely all spun up and then used in a feather and fan or similar type shawl. This may go to the Etsy shop, I can't decide.


Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Funny your post is about seed catalogs. This week I received three and set them aside to look at later. Henry Field's, Jung, and P.H. Shumway's are the one's that came. My dad always ordered from Henry Field's.

Love the melon color of the yarn, Annie. You do such a wonderful job with all of your crafts.

rilera said...

Gorgeous! I love the pinks and the melon. You are so very talented.

I'm thinking of flowers and spring too. I'd like to make a garden in the shade between our patio and our living room window. There's a great flower catalog that I get, I think it's called White Flower. They have some lovely plants.

Miss T said...

Love those colors, especially the melon!

Anonymous said...

how lovely! i've never felted... your work is nice!