Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Won't you please help?

No, I can't look at you. I'm too embarrassed.

Please, no. It's just too much.

Ok, fine.

Yes, I am a cat with no name. She just calls me "that orange cat that figured out the dog door". Please, save me from toctfotdd. She can't even pronounce that. Please give her some suggestions.

Your contribution of just two cents a day will help feed.....uh, scratch that.

Please? Give me a name?


Cindy said...

My vote goes for Esau. Easy, short and appropriate. He is so beautiful.

Sherri said...

I used to have a big orange "I'll hang around the porch so I can get fed and maybe let you scratch my head if no one else is looking" tom cat who looked very similar to yours. I called him Orangelo (pronounced or-ANN-jell-oh)

Our feline population varies between 12-16 cats. Anyone who hangs around long enough for me to catch gets taken off to the low cost spay/neuter clinic for a couple of well-placed snips. :)

rilera said...

I like Bear because he looks like a big fluffy, cuddly teddy bear. Just look how thick his coat is! He's a beauty.

rilera said...

Here's another one; Julius for Orange Julius.

dragonxser said...

looks like a Rasmuss to me :)

Robin said...

As big as he is Garfield is the first name that comes to mind...but there must be another?! Going back to my favorite movie when I was young...the Aristocats~~O'Malley

Olga said...

What a face on that guy! Hmm- he seems to be saying his name is Sir Marmalade, Earl of Orange.

Cinnamin said...

My son votes for "Tony", like in "Tony the Tiger"!

He's a cutie - For some reason, I'm thinking "Chopper" don't ask me why, that's just the name that popped into my head!

ThursdaysChild said...

I like Oscar or Mr. Biscuits. I know it's probably to late to give him a name, I was just browsing and you caught my attention.