Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Enabling Continued

I said that I would show the results, good or bad. Bad, bad, bad!
I pulled out my "Spinning Designer Yarns" book, and discovered that I should have been adding the yarn bits in the plying stage. Ok, so I tried that.

It looks like something that should go into the compost pile, or has been pulled out of the compost pile. Ick.

So I turned to making a beaded yarn. I actually don't mind the color combination on this one. This was obviously a first attempt, so it didn't turn out so good.

The thing is, my sister really isn't a beaded yarn kind of person. Me either. I do appreciate an understated beaded fringe on a scarf or shawl though. If I thought the beads would really float her boat, I might find the patience needed to practice more and do it properly. But it wouldn't, so I won't.

I don't think I'm a novelty yarn kind of person either. Thick n thin is fine. Yarn with all kinds of stuff sticking out of it, not so much.


rilera said...

So you're not big into Fun Fur?? LOL

Annie said...

Robyn, stop the Muppet slaughter! :)