Monday, February 4, 2008

Project Bag

I wanted a bag to hold my Rakestraw spinner and plying paddle. So I made one.

I wove two squares using my square loom, sewed them up the sides and bottom, and then sewed across the bottom at an angle to make my bag.

This is the best representation of color of all the photos. It is snowing to beat the band right now, so I'll apologize for the bad lighting in the crappy photos to follow.

Then I felted it. Now I wish I hadn't, I think it would have been fine unfelted, especially since I ended up lining it anyway. It still works fine.

Perhaps because it was woven and not knit, it was pretty floppy and didn't have a lot of structure. I was trying to figure out what to do to beef it up a bit. A bit of cardboard in the bottom might work, but what happens if it gets wet. Eeew. Plastic would be better. Then my eye fell upon the 2 gallon water jug.

I cut out the side, and it fit perfectly into the bottom of the bag, giving it some structure.

I also knit a strap, felted it, and then sewed it to the lining with the machine, and then to the bag by hand, using the yarn so it blended right in. The finished product, showing the lining which I sewed from fabric from my stash. Stash is good. I also added a magnetic snap closure.

With the intended contents, the Rakestraw spinner and plying paddle. The bag is big enough to hold both, plus the fiber to spin, and a knitting project or two, if I want.

This one shows the original bag that came with the spinner.

I'll sew a small bag out of the lining fabric. I'm just not a red velvet and gold rope kind of gal, know what I mean?


rilera said...

I like the felting, it's a really cool bag, Annie! You are so talented. Someday I'd love to hear how you got started with the llamas and alpacas and your art.

Annie said...

Thanks Robyn! You know, I thought I had told the story of how I started, but realize that I hadn't done it here. I'll tell that story one of these days, I promise.

Olga said...

wow, neat bag. Necessity is the mother of invention.