Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Socks and a Story

I've been working on a sock. It couldn't be anything complicated, but wanted something besides the usual stockinette. I used the pattern browser on Ravelry, but didn't find anything that worked with my gauge that I thought I could actually do. I pulled out the Harmony Guides to Knitting Stitches (I and II), and looked for a stitch pattern that I might be able to convert to in the round. I settled on the Slipped Rib stitch. It is very easy, but adds a little textural interest to the sock. The rib pattern is extending down the top of the foot of the sock too.

The yarn is handspun about 60% alpaca (Starburst) and 40% Targhee wool. I dyed it in roving form, spun it, then plied it on itself.

The Story.

Friday Mom and I went to the drive-thru at the bank. (So much easier than trying to get Mom in and out of the truck.) As we were sitting there while the bank lady did her stuff, Mom said thank you.

I have learned that I had better be forming the words "You're welcome" almost before she's done with the "you", or else she will look at me and pointedly say thank you again.

I had no idea why she had said thank you, but I automatically said you're welcome. About 30 seconds later, she said thank you again. I bewilderedly said you're welcome again. This went on the whole time we were sitting there, about every 30 seconds.

The bank lady finished up, sent my receipt out the little door, we exchanged a few pleasantries, and Mom and I went on our merry way.

As I was pulling away from the bank, I saw the "Thank You" sign posted by the driveway.


Miss T said...

Nice story, and that's a beautiful sock!

rilera said...

I love the colors of the sock, and the stitch is quite interesting.

Liked the story too.

Cinnamin said...

Cute story! :)

Beautiful colored yarn!

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Beautiful colored yarn, Annie. The bank story was precious. Thank you!

:: gina :: said...

ooo, this is so nice! i've never made socks... just barely getting the hang of circular needles, lol.