Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wink Wink

Mom is a first class eye flutterer. She always was. She smiles coyly, then she flutters her eyes.

So she was fluttering her eyes at me last night, and I did it back. Well, tried. She laughed, said Look, and then made a big show of blinking her eyes, contorting her whole face. Then she laughed again, and pointed at me.

It was obvious she was making fun of me.

I like to share these little things with my sister, so called her right away and told her Mom was making fun of me. While on the phone, my sister told me to try it again. So I fluttered my eyes at Mom. Mom sort of squinted her eyes and blinked back at me several times, like she was caught in a dust storm in the Sahara.

I guess I've learned not to try to flutter my eyes at a man. He'd probably just ask if I needed an appointment with an opthamologist.


:: gina :: said...

lololol. yeah, i was never good at flriting either... ever tried catching your mom on video while fluttering her eyes? it would be nice. i could use some pointers :)

Robin said...

Oh how funny!! Your Mom is such a hoot...I think you should video her!

Olga said...

This sounds like an episode on I Love Lucy!

rilera said...

Your mom is so cute.

cornbread hell said...

ooh. i am sooo tempted to post a certain picture i have...but i promised not to.


Annie said...

Video, why didn't I think of that. I wonder if I could get her to do it.

Rick, watch yourself! Besides, didn't you lose your photos in the great computer crash of aught eight?

cornbread hell said...

MUAH HA HA...(i do believe it still lurks somewhere in my email.)

but have no fear. "i meant what i said and i said what i meant. an elephant's faithful one hundred percent." horton