Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Man

We had a smaller, toned-down version of the annual Great Aunt Teeter inspired Easter egg hunt. As my sister explained, do you know how hard it is to hide Easter Eggs when there is snow on the ground? You have to stand and just sort of roll them, otherwise your footprints just give all the locations away.

After the hunt (all eggs accounted for), we built a snow man. My camera battery died before he was finished. He also got a nice smile made from black walnuts. I like his Easter egg eyes.

Hope you all had a good one!


Cinnamin said...

SO cute! I like his eyes too! :)

Living in California, I still can't get over SNOW at Easter time!

rilera said...

Glad to hear the snow didn't hinder the Easter egg hunt. I love the snowman, very cute!

Turtle said...

so cute~~

Cinnamin said...

Hi Annie - Just checking in with you!