Sunday, March 23, 2008


With days to spare. Except I need a button for that point right there. I might just felt one with the fiber, so it blends in.

I really like the texture the energized singles made out of the garter stitch. It is barely recognizeable as garter stitch, it looks like some complicated swirly loop d' loop stitch.

It only used 6.8 oz of fiber. So I think I have at least 8 oz more of this roving left over.

The best part is it actually fits! That is sort of a crapshoot with me and handspun.


rilera said...

Beautiful! I like the stitch too. Happy Easter Annie.

cornbread hell said...

can't wait to see it on you.

Cinnamin said...

Beautiful! I love this color. Happy Easter, Annie (and Mom, Judy and animals)!

Annie said...

Thanks everybody.
Rick, with highs in the low 80's it will be too hot to wear the darn thing! Could you arrange for highs in the low 70's please? Sun, but with some nice puffy clouds for interest. :)

We built a snowman today after the egg hunt, complete with Easter egg halves for eyes. Camera battery is recharging, I'll try to get some photos up tomorrow.

cornbread hell said...

uh huh. i'll get right on that...

cornbread hell said...

just saw a weather report on tv.

we've got a cold front comin' in on friday. i'm serious.

they said the the highs will drop from the 80s all the way the......70s!

your prayers have been answered, annie. (and i hope rilera reads about our *cold front.*)