Thursday, March 20, 2008


I am stealing Rick's Hat of the Day deal. I couldn't resist showing this photo though.

This is Mom's baby that she carries around, talks to, and has named Judy.

I walked into the living room and saw this. She didn't quite know what to do with the bib. I was going to take a photo right away, but then got distracted with other things.

This was when we were on coin watch, and had to go get her (Mom's, not Judy's) abdomen x-rayed. When we got back, Mom walked into the living room, laughed, and asked Judy why she had that on her head? Then she took it off. Dang, I had missed my opportunity to photograph it!

About ten minutes later I walked back in the living room, and here Judy was wearing her bib on her head again.

That Judy is a wild and crazy baby!


Cindy said...

But, she is well dressed.

rilera said...

Cute! Your Mom has such a great sense of humor, did she always?

Blech it's snowing again!

Cinnamin said...

Sweet Judy! I love her new hat - May start a new trend in fashion, you never know! ;)

It is these little things, the secret smiles, the shared laughter, just those little things that I really miss with my Mom.

Do me a favor will you Annie? Grab your Mom in a big bear hug for no reason at all and love her, just love her, for every moment that you are gifted with her!

cornbread hell said...

go HOTD!!

Annie said...

Robyn, yes, Mom always did have a quick wit. Cinn, I hug Mom several times a day. I'll give her an extra big squeeze just for you.