Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Such drama! Maybe the term cheating was harsh. My suspicions were raised, and that made me feel yucky, so I just went with the random draw. The entries made me laugh, and I hope they made you laugh too. Laughter is good. Really good.

Anyway, the random number generator proffered up 10, which on my list falls to pit bunnies. Turtle was the first to come up with pit bunnies, so she wins the prize. Turtle please e-mail me at Annie at maplecorners dot cahm and we'll figure out what that prize might be. I'll show everybody what she chooses!

At first, I was worried that I was the only one that developed these, but then a few others confessed so I didn't feel so bad!

In vest news, I finished the back and am almost done with the right front. I spent an hour or more last night frantically searching for the pattern, which Mom had gotten her hands on. She had folded it all up and stuck it behind some books. Argggh! I'm just glad I found it.

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Turtle said...

Oh wow! Lol, i didn't even get a chance to vote myself as we were away on vacation till last night. I just thought pitbunnies was appropriate! Lol, what did i win? Smile*