Monday, March 17, 2008


Here are the polls. I was only allowed 10 answers, so had to create two separate polls. Please only vote in one poll. One vote per person, please.

ETA: Ok, here's the deal. My stat counter showed several votes from one computer. I can't abide cheating, or the appearance of cheating, even if it is just a silly little contest. So I've removed the polls, (sorry!) and I'll use a random number generator to determine a winner, which will be announced tomorrow (Wednesday).

Thanks to all who entered, it would have been an impossible choice for me to make on my own. I have to say that I am partial to pittypats, which wasn't entered as an option on the polls. Pittypats is one of Mom's made up words, and is just so fitting that I can't believe I didn't think to apply it to this use. Thanks for the reminder.


cornbread hell said...

well, i voted, but it wasn't easy to decide so i just voted for my own entry. (i still think they're pittypats, which wasn't even an option....)

btw, have you asked mom what they're called??? i'm pretty sure she knows the answer.

cornbread hell said...

ps- check out the llama trek pictures on sean's blog...

Annie said...

I will ask Mom the next time they appear. Loved the llama trek photos!

Suz said...

Mea culpa - maybe.

I may have been the person who started the run on voting, although it did not involve cheating at all.

One of my friends at work has been having a tough time with serious medical issues while trying to care for her mother with early AD. She has told me that she was really inspired by your blog and often reads it.

A group of us dropped by her office just as she was about to vote in your poll. She showed us the photo of fiber and we all got a big laugh out of it and wondered why it might happen. I asked her what she had proposed and we all thought it was a very funny answer. When we left, I suggested why didn't we all go and vote for her answer - it would probably make her feel good that lots of people thought her answer was funny too.

So we each went to our separate machines and voted. In fact I am really surprised that it looked like the same machine since the poll itself would not let the same machine vote more than once, however, the machines are all networked so if the poll shows either the physical location or the IP address, they should have very close, but different, addresses.

So, did we cheat - no, I don't think so. A group of us each voted separately, one vote per person/machine. And the reason was to make someone who needed cheering up feel better. I'm sorry you feel that ruined your poll - truly, but we did not feel we were doing anything wrong. It was a poll open to anyone, we thought.

If you read this post, kiddo, we're exposed, and you're probably appalled, but we did it because we love you.

Annie said...

Suz, no harm, no foul. I probably should have gone with a random draw anyway. All of the answers were funny and made me laugh.

flintysooner said...