Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's hard to tell from the photo since it is all scrunched up on the needles, but that there is the waistband and about 1 1/2 inches of upward progress on the vest. My only consolation is that the decreases have started, so the rows will get smaller from here on out. I don't know that I'm going to make it by the deadline. The deadline is sort of arbitrary anyway. I am going on vacation, and thought it would be nice to have the vest for it, but no big ting if not.

Mom and I toured a memory care facility yesterday, which would be Mom's vacation spot while I'm on vacation. Their minimum short term respite stay was supposed to be 14 days, but I really only need a week. They agreed to it anyway. They are only 20 miles away from me, as opposed to 80 miles to the other nursing home AD unit that Mom has stayed at on my one weekend a month respite. I haven't had a weekend since December because I was saving up for this trip.

I really liked it. More importantly, Mom did too. The place is arranged in a sort of oval, with resident rooms on the outside of the long part of the oval, a living room type spot on each end of the oval, and offices, kitchen and dining rooms/activity rooms on the inside part of the oval. With those long hallways ending up in a living room on each end, and all arranged in a loop, Mom was having a ball walking around and checking everything out. She found a baby doll to carry with her. I think it is more soothing to walk the large oval loop, instead of just up and down a hallway like in the nursing home AD unit. She spent a lot of time in the offices, I think they might hire her! When she was going to day care in the Cities, she liked to sit in the office too.

It was odd for me. I sat there going through the nurse assessment, and could just let Mom wander and know that she was safe. I'm not used to having her out of my sight for long, especially anywhere outside of my home. The staff kept their eye on her, and would give me updates when they saw I was sort of looking around for her.

When we got there, they were doing manicures, and then they were baking and decorating cookies, and then coloring Shamrocks.

I wish they did just weekends, I would love to be able to bring Mom there instead. They cost less than the nursing home too!


StringPlay said...

Glad to hear that you and your Mother liked the place. Your vest is looking great so far. Enjoy your vacation!

Olga said...

Thats pretty awesome, I was wondering if you had a bit of a break from full time care. My friend works in a nursing home, she runs the beauty shop there, and the place is very sunny and homelike,they even have a cat and a dog wondering around.

cornbread hell said...

that's good news. glad to hear it.

nancy said...

glad to hear that you and especially your mom like the memory care facility. i remember the first time i left russ somewhere, it wasn't a good experience. then i found somewhere else and he loved it? did you ask them pretty please about weekends? what about a long weekend? have fun during your week away!

i love the color of your yarn!

rilera said...

Cool vest! Can't wait to see the completed product.

I wish I could work up the courage to take respite. Where are you going on vacation?

Annie said...

Robyn, I'm heading to Texas with a friend. We're going to take in some live music, terrorize Rick a while (the poor man is injured and won't be able to escape!), maybe photograph some bluebonnets and just generally relax. We don't really have much on the agenda. Ok, besides the two shows, we don't have an agenda.

rilera said...

Texas! Good for you! Terrorize Rick a little for me too please :)