Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The plan is to turn this

into this

by the end of the month. Well, by the 26th, really. 21 days. Can I do it? Here is what I have so far:

and this much knit:

This is an interesting pattern. I don't know if you can see from the photo, it is sort of dark. There is a waistband around the bottom, which is knit first, then stitches are picked up from the top and the rest of the vest is knit up from there. It is all garter stitch, so it should be easy enough for my brain to handle. I will have to do some fudging, since this is handspun and my gauge is not spot on. I am doing this in one color, not with the contrasting collar as shown in the photo.

I am using energized singles (ala the "Twisted Sisters Sock Book") to do this. You can see from the above knit photo that it lends an interesting texture to the garter stitch. In theory, since I am using garter stitch it won't bias.

Wait, I should explain this for the non-knitters/non-spinners, if they are bothering to read this far! Usually two singles are spun in one direction, then they are plied together in the other direction. The yarn is then washed to set the twist. If all goes correctly, I end up with a balanced yarn, not overtwisted, not undertwisted.

Energized singles are just a single ply of yarn, and the yarn is not washed to set the twist. If the yarn sits for a period of time, the twist will sort of set itself, the "energy" goes out of it. So I should only spin enough yarn that I can knit before the yarn loses the energy.

I am off to do some feverish knitting. In other words, I've spun more than I should have!

Oh, and in giant cat toy blue egg bit the dust. I noticed it was missing, and found it under the couch. It just needs the hanger glued back on.


Cindy said...

Gee, Annie, this is exciting. I'm in your corner. I'll even cheer if need be. I love how your singles knit up. I'm still working on mine for a pair of socks. It's bright yellow. As for the egg, thankfully not permanently damaged.

rilera said...

Go kitties!

sounds like an interesting knitting project Annie.

How's Mom doing and more importantly, how are you?

Robin said...

Love the the pattern!! Can't wait to see the finished vest!!

cornbread hell said...

me too!

Joanne said...

I'm always fascinated by the colors and patterns you show us. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!

flintysooner said...

I appreciate what you're doing although I am too ignorant about it to really understand it. But I like to look at the pictures.

Olga said...

I love that pattern, it does seem easy, and the color! wow.

Anonymous said...

I came to this blog from your comment at Yarnharlot....yes, you are brave and strong. I feel like a total wimp just reading your description of your life. Bravo!