Thursday, March 6, 2008

Custom Dye Job

Remember yesterday when I said I was going to go knit feverishly? Didn't so much happen. I got an e-mail from a customer, basically doubling her order, which she wanted to pick up today. I knew about the pink she wanted, but now she also wanted the same amount in blue, denim blue. I put the knitting away, and pulled out the dye pot.

That pellet stove also does a great job of drying roving! In no time, the roving was dry and I could commence the blending.

She wanted pink and blue. OK.

Boy, is that pink. I mean pink. That's a whole lotta pink!

It was just what she wanted though, and she left here happy. Oh, and she brought cookies! I was happy too.

I took the survey for the Pioneer Woman, to enter to win $300 from Restoration Hardware. (Link is in the sidebar, I think you can still enter tonight if you hurry!)

One of the questions was what best describes your employment situation. The choices were:

  • Employed full time outside the home
  • Full time, some or all telecommuting (includes freelance)
  • Employed part time outside the home
  • Small business owner
  • Full time student
  • Stay at home parent
  • Not employed
  • Retired

I was flummoxed as to how to answer that. I work part time from home for my firm, I guess the fiber business counts as a small business owner, and the caregiving is full time in the home, no telecommuting necessary. I needed a none of the above category.


Olga said...

I think you should of said 'all of the above'!
The pink looks like cotton candy-yum.

rilera said...

I love those colors, especially the pink. Your colors are so fabulous and your yarns are lovely.

That is a dilemma, you could fit in a few of those categories.