Monday, April 28, 2008

A new pasture!

With the price of gas so high, and from pure laziness (I hate mowing!), I strung some electric rope and created a new pasture for the animals to eat. I mean, why mow using a gas powered fume spewing machine when I have these guys? The rope isn't actually connected to a fencer because I don't want to use electric fence with Mom around. They can walk right through it if they want to. They would still be fenced in, I just wanted to try to keep them from the whole yard/garden. Anyway, they may be a little happy.


rilera said...

They are such cute animals! It looks like they like the new pasture with they way they were gamboling around.

Turtle said...

Good for you letting them take a bit of the work load off your shoulders, plus they have new territory to explore. Your mom has such a good sense of humor that shines through the Alz. I do not remember this with my gramps.

cornbread hell said...

*gamboling* about. perfect. what a great description.
...and the end of the video is awesome.