Sunday, April 27, 2008

Art of Alzheimer's

I found this on the kitchen counter yesterday. It makes me laugh.

My sister came over yesterday to watch Mom for a while. I used the time to clean out the chicken coop. The chickens are happy I did! It was cold and windy, but it felt good to be out doing something physical.

My nephew (5) came out and helped when I was just about done. I sent him back to the house with the one egg I collected. My sister said that he came in house, crouched down with his hand underneath him, bak baked a couple of times, handed her the egg, then went back outside. He sure does have a sense of humor.

He is very paranoid about poop. So when we walked by the poop pile (llamas and alpacas generally poop in a communal poop pile, unlike other animals which poop all over a pasture), I pointed it out to him so he could avoid it. We finished feeding the animals some hay, and started back to the house. He ran ahead, (the energy of a 5 year old!) and I could see he was headed for the large pile of composted manure, which just looks like a hill of dirt. I yelled, hey, that's poop! It was too late. He was already on it. In midstride he lifted himself up and barely touched the ground as he flew over it, making little squeeks of disgust the whole time. At that point, I wasn't sure if it was all an act to make me laugh, so I laughed inwardly so as not to hurt his feelings.

It was a good day.


rilera said...

Love the 'art'. It makes me laugh too. Is this the 'garbage mittens' nephew?

Olga said...

I had the image of a cat with tape on his paw when you wrote about your nephew!ha ha

Cinnamin said...

What a funny story! Children sure are worth all the fuss and bother, aren't they?!? :)

Cinnamin said...

ooops! I forgot to say that I smiled when I saw you Mom's newest art project too! Is this a dragon? His teeth are kind of scary!