Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Qiviut and other fine things

Friends of mine went to Alaska last month, and brought me some qiviut! Wowee, is it soft. Think of the softest thing you can think of, and this is softer. They also brought mohair!

ETA: For the non-fiber readers, qiviut is the soft undercoat of the Arctic Musk Ox. Mohair is the fiber from the angora goat. As opposed to angora, which is the fiber from the angora rabbit.

A funny thing happened when I took the photo. Here is the first one I took. Freckleface was already there before I set the fiber down.

Approximately 2.7 seconds after I opened the package and spread it out a little, there was Pud investigating.

Approximately 2.7 seconds after that, she had settled in.

That cat has high falutin' expectations. Apparently the handmade alpaca-stuffed cat pillows are not good enough for her, she wants qiviut and mohair. Too bad, cat! I shushed her off. I'm not giving up my qiviut!

Included in the package, but I don't know if they came from Alaska, was a knit finger puppet,

and a tin of mints.

Impeachmints. They crack me up!


Cindy said...

Ooooh. Qiviut. Lucky. As for the kitties. I'm so surprised and stunned by their hedonistic behavior:) As for the mints????? Where can I get some?

rilera said...

I love the mints and the finger puppet. My kitties head straight for the softest stuff too. I dry cleaned my cashmere sweaters the other day and after I folded them I set them down and Lily climbed up and settled on top of them.

Annie said...

Cindy, there is a website on the back of the tin. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild at www.philosophersguild.com.

cornbread hell said...

ooh...soft stuff...smart kitties.