Monday, April 14, 2008

Quetico Landscape

I told (warned?) you that I was going to try a landscape next.

This is the moonrise over Emerald Lake in Quetico Provincial Park, Canada's counterpart to the BWCA. We did a nine day wilderness canoe trip (Man Chain) there several years ago.

The black dot in the reflection of the moon? That is kind of a joke. It could be a loon, or a beaver aka the Mysterious Plopper, or Scone. Scone liked to swim.

Did you know that the sound of a beaver slapping his tail on the water doesn't sound like a slap on the water? It sounds like a deep, resonating kerplunk, very much like a very large rock being dropped in the water. We heard that sound one of the first nights out, and nobody knew what it was. We accused Scone of dropping rocks in the water to scare us, but he soundly denied it. It wasn't until the last day that we saw it happen, and the Mysterious Plopper was identified.

Emerald Lake really was emerald colored. See?

(Photo by Mary)

This little landscape was done by needle felting roving onto a scrap of dark gray wool fabric that I picked up at a garage sale many years ago. It measures approximately 4"by 6", as do the ones that I showed yesterday.


Olga said...

When I first looked at it I thought it was someone surfing! ha ha

cornbread hell said...

goin through your blog backwards. you've been Busy.

MJ said...

Scone likes to swim...naked. If you want to see pictures of that Quetico trip, I'm happy to share - you can check out the three albums:

Annie, we're going back there one of these days!