Thursday, May 15, 2008

Art of Alzheimer's

Have I mentioned that Mom loves looking at pictures of food? Well, she does. I bought her several cookbooks with lots of photographs, and food magazines. If there is something looking particularly appetizing to her, (chocolate and desserts are her favorites) she will tear it out of whatever magazine or cookbook to carry it around in her pocket to look at occasionally.

Or maybe she'll build a little shrine.

Empty soap container to hold the picture up, and a short row of carefully arranged pretzels.

I swear I feed her! Including chocolate and desserts!


Miss T said...

I love that! Who among us hasn't felt the urge to build a shrine to some particularly wonderful recipe?

Turtle said...

Your mom is so sweet!

Cindy said...

Your mother is a gifted food stylist and artist. Thank you for sharing these treasures.

rilera said...

Give your Mom a hug from me. She is a dear soul.