Friday, May 16, 2008

Latest project

I signed up for an art show in my hometown in mid-June. I've been a little busy, trying to build up an inventory.

A few of the checkbook covers I've finished:

I've also done some spinning, but can't show that until the recipient gets it. Can't spoil the surprise now, can I?

I also made a prototype for a notepad cover.

It holds a little 3 by 5 notepad and pen. This one closes with a length of yarn wrapped around a vintage shell button.

I am also going to make a larger version big enough to hold a 4 by 6 wire-bound (on the top) notebook.

Preliminary preparations are being made for the Great Raccoon War of 08. My roofer has a young Redbone coonhound, as yet untrained. He (the roofer) brought Gunnar out yesterday to do some recon, but all young Gunnar was interested in was the llamas. He ventured into the pasture when we weren't looking. He thought he was going to scare them, but instead he came running out of the pasture, tail tucked as far under as it could go, long ears flapping in wind, and the whole herd hot on his heels. (Sorry for that unintended alliteration!) Wish I had a video of that!


cornbread hell said...

you've obviously got enough projects in the works. so what's up with the new children's picture book series i see brewing?

gunnar and the great raccoon war.

gunnar meets the llamas.

gunnar the coonhound, hero of the midwest.

Robin said...

What a great picture you paint..."Gunnar the Great meets Llamas"!

rilera said...

I'm laughing at the vision of the dog being chased by the llamas. Too funny.

Annie said...

Rick, I'm afraid the stories may be a little graphic for children. At least the Great Raccoon War one will be. The others would be great, I'll get right on that.

cornbread hell said...

gunnar the great. look for it in book stores soon.

the felting project seems to be proceding nicely. but you're still missing...the beret.

get a frisbee golf putter. or maybe a sharp-edged distance one. felt it. in blue or purple. a guaranteed hot seller. (i never carve in temp below 60 without one on.)

Annie said...

The beret! I'll get right on that too.