Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Birds

It is an absolutely glorious day here, and Mom and I were outside enjoying it. I was getting my hands dirty in the garden, and Mom was walking about.

The chickens started doing their alarm call, and were eyeing the sky. I looked up, and in the distance saw five big birds chasing a hawk. It isn't unusual to see crows or black birds hazing a hawk, but these were birds were big! And white, with black on their wings. What??? I ran inside to get the camera, and by the time I got back outside, the hawk was gone, but the big birds were right overhead.

Pelicans! How cool is that? I've never seen pelicans here before.

I imagine they were just passing through, but I'm glad (and so are the chickens) that they chased the hawk off for me.

Thanks, pelicans! Come back any time.


Tipper said...

Very cool pictures! And nice they scared the hawk off for you.

rilera said...

Beautiful! I've only seen pelicans in CA. How cool. I'm have to pay more attention to the sky.

It was a glorious day wasn't it?

Turtle said...

Do not think i can say i have ever seen a "flock" of pelicans! Very cool! Could hear the geese flying overhead earlier and the duck couple are back! Maybe summer is here!

MJ said...

They're American White Pelicans (or so says my Sibley) - migrating from Mexico to Canada this time of year. How cool! We have lots of Brown Pelicans here in Ventura.

Annie said...

Mary, thanks for the tip. They also stay on various lakes in northern MN, and I have seen them migrating along the Mississippi, I have just never seen them this far away from the river. It felt like they were there taking care of my chickens as they chased away the hawk, and then when they circled the house before leaving, well, it was damn cool.

MJ said...

Avian version of the blessed bovine?