Thursday, May 1, 2008


The little pullets are all grown up, they've started laying sweet little brown eggs. Can you see the difference? Little pullet egg on the left, large senior hen egg on the right. Maybe this angle is better?

This means that I'll be getting four to six eggs a day. I already have two dozen in the ice box, and that was when I was getting two eggs a day. I used to sell the extra eggs to my co-workers in the Cities, but I don't get up there anymore.

Does anybody have a good recipe using eggs? The more eggs the better? There are only so many omelettes one can eat in a week.


Cindy said...

Check the Food Network site and All Recipes. Those are my favorites. I LOVE farm fresh eggs. Brown are my favorites. A frittata sounds yummy to me. I also love hard boiled eggs for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese love, love eggs.

Egg tarts would be nice.

or maybe egg drop soup.

Cinnamin said...

How about cream puffs? I've got an old recipe here somewhere. I do recall that it requires lots of eggs! Adding one at a time took forever! :)

Olga said...

can you freeze eggs that are , for lack of a better word-deshelled and mixed up? I thought I read somewhere you could and then thaw them out and put into a recipe.

Annie said...

Thanks for the ideas everyone!