Monday, May 12, 2008

Freaky Egg!

So, I was out in the chicken coop the other day gathering eggs. I saw that the one nest had one in it, so without looking too closely, reached in to grab it.

I recoiled in horror. I didn't scream like a girl, but almost. What the heck was that? It was soft and spongy and cold.

It was an egg without a shell or a yolk. The regular one is on top, the no-shell one on the bottom.

I've never actually experienced this before, but I knew that it does happen, especially with chickens that are just coming into lay.

You might be better able to see here that there is no shell.

In other sad news, I am now missing one pale pullet (waaaah, my little pullet that lived in the house for a while this winter regaining strength) and three roosters. The thing is, they are going missing during the day. I don't know if a hawk is getting them, or if there is a wily (rabid?)raccoon out and about in the daylight. The odd thing is that there is usually a little pile of feathers or something showing that there was a disturbance, but I have found nothing. I am about to declare the Great Raccoon War of 08.

I had too many roosters, and was going to offer them on Freecycle, so I'm not missing them terribly. They were mean to the hens, not like Big Daddy who knows how to treat a lady. I am sorry for the fear and pain I'm sure they suffered in their death, though. I didn't want them to go that way.

The remaining chickens aren't happy because I won't let them out of the coop until I figure out what is making them disappear. Poor things.


Turtle said...

Weird on the egg, we never had one of those when on the farm. So weird!

Poor chickens! Do you have the top of their area covered? like a large pen area?Good luck in your battle.

Cinnamin said...

Oh no, the poor little guys!!

Man the battle stations! I can't wait to hear THIS story! Go get 'um!

That was strange, I've never seen an egg like that! I too grew up with chickens. Well, not right at my house, but my best friend across the street had pens and pens of chickens, rabbits, sheep, etc.

cornbread hell said...

just last week i watched a pidgeon lay an egg on the ground 6 feet away from me, out in the open. the bird then flew away. i went over to check it out. it was exactly like the egg you found in the coop.


Annie said...

Turtle, I usually let them free range during the day, then they go into their coop to roost at night and I just have to go out and shut the door. I haven't let them out of the coop, but there is plenty of room in there.

Rick, that is weird.

Cindy said...

Not seen an egg like yours in my entire life. Oddities of nature, huh? As for the predator? Could be just about anything couldn't it? How about skunks or coyote? Or do you just have a long history with the raccoons?

Olga said...

Weirrrrrd stuff. wow, I learn so much reading you! I got a good laugh from you last post about your mom, so much like a little kid!