Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The orioles have arrived back and discovered the feeder I have out for them. The one on the pole I fill with nectar made from concentrate bought at the store.

I also put out some grape jelly on a yogurt cover. This happens to be jelly made from my vines. The orioles around here might be a little spoiled.

When I was taking these photos today I counted at least five flitting about. These are taken from inside the house, through the patio door. As I was standing there, one flew to the bush right next to the house and the door.

I think he was trying to do the oriole mind meld. You must bring fresh nectar. Fill the feeder with fresh nectar!


cornbread hell said...

lucky orioles.

Cindy said...

Being in an urban area, we have no orioles. We also have no redwing blackbirds. We have flickers, goldfinches, cardinals, and hosts of others, but no field birds. Pooh.

Turtle said...

Very spoiled! The hummingbirds are not impressed with the storebought liquid i got them, so think i'll have to make some from scratch this afternoon after work. Very pretty. Grape jelly, never thought of that!

Miss T said...

Beautiful, lucky bird!