Monday, May 26, 2008

Freshly shorn

Yesterday I realized what a freshly shorn alpaca reminds me of. The sculptures of A. Giacometti.

I summoned the energy to snap a few photos last evening. The light was incredible. Check out Pizazz. He is glowing.

I let them out into the yard to eat (mow!), and Aries promptly laid down to eat. Maybe he was cold?


cornbread hell said...

makes me wanta get a summer-cut.

Cinnamin said...

brrrrrrrrrrr! They look just like my poodle after an (at home) buzz cut! SO cute!

rilera said...

Beautiful. They'll be glad they were sheared as soon as the weather heats up.

Cindy said...

The kids look nekkid, but happy. That's some hard work.

Annie said...

Wouldn't you know it, lows in the low 40's predicted for the next few days. Eaagh!

Rick, I have extra clipper blades, come on up! Hahahaha.

Cinn, that's exactly what we said after I sort of forgot to do one's tail. When he stood up, and we could see how bushy the tail was, we all said, Poodle!

Turtle said...

So sweet! If not cold just feeling slightly naked!