Friday, May 30, 2008

Wisconsin Signs

I spent the last couple of days in Wisconsin with far flung friends, and these signs make me laugh or cheer.

Found in a parking structure in downtown Madison. Not funny, until you turn 45 degrees to the adjacent wall and see this.

Who puts a tornado shelter in an area prone to flooding? You might not get blown away, but you might drown!

Apparently you do not need to obey all other yield signs.

This one makes me cheer. Preferential parking for hybrids or car pools. We were four people in a Prius, so qualified on both counts. Woohoo!


cornbread hell said...

hahahahaha. you and your road signs...

Annie said...

I don't recall ever taking a photo of a road sign before the Texas trip. Can I help it Texas and Wisconsin have funny signs?