Saturday, May 3, 2008

The sora and other happenings

I was moving some stuff by the shed yesterday, and surprised this little bird. Although it has long legs, the body itself is smaller than a robin. I had never seen a bird like this before. It didn't fly away, just ran. We played ring around the shed several times before I could get even these crappy photos.

I found out it is a Sora, a seldom seen marsh bird. I do have marshes/lakes to the north of me, but I'm not sure how it found my shed. We have been having 20-40 mph winds, maybe it blew off course. It was hiding in my grape vine the last time I saw it, early evening yesterday. I sure hope it finds the way back to the lake.

The brown thrashers are back too. I heard one singing before dawn this morning. I love their song.

In other news, the hay field is coming in nicely, thanks to the rain we've been having. There doesn't appear to be any winter kill, only a little where the spring run-off stood for a while. I'm hoping for three good cuttings from it this year, now that it is established. Hay is expensive and in short supply, so I am very thankful for this field. So are the llamas!

The rhubarb is also growing well.

I sense a rhubarb crisp in a couple of weeks. Or maybe a pie, or maybe strawberry rhubarb jam. Or maybe all three, and more. Rhubarb, another spring delight!


Turtle said...

lol, our rhubarb is huge already as well! need to get the garden planted though to have any success this year. cute bird!

Cindy said...

What an interesting bird. We get egrets and herons, but I have not seen a sora. Oh, and your rhubarb? I so wish I had mine. Last year I lost it all.

rilera said...

That is an interesting looking bird. We have a lot of raptors around here, kestrels and hawks and even bald eagles. The finches and chickadees are back too. I love this time of year!

Robin said...

Interesting looking bird!

I LOVE Rhubarb Granny used to make it all the time. Hmmmm, I may have to go to the market and get some now!

MJ said...

Long legs usually indicate a bird that hangs out in water. It is in the rail family. I have that darn song from Prairie Home Companion whizzing around in my head!!