Saturday, June 28, 2008

First Line of Defense

The mossies are out in full force. I have some help though.

This (not-so) little guy was sitting on the porch, right in front of the door. The mosquitoes like to congregate there, so he was happy, and full.

Isn't he cute? Look, even the toads around here are covered in fiber. I think that might be a dog or cat hair stuck to his hind leg.

He has one on his head, too.

See it there on his, um, forehead? On the top, between his eyes. Speaking of which, aren't they gorgeous?

If I do a colorway like this, black, rust and shades of cream, can I call it Toad Tummy?


rilera said...

We had one of these hanging out by our patio last week.

Turtle said...

he is cute, i think he'd make a great colorway. wow that he did not get spooked and you were able to get such clear close pics!

Cindy said...

Love the Toad Tummy colorway idea. As for the toad? That's one honkin' big toad!

Olga said...

Very neat colorway. Reminds me of how they think the dinosaurs skin might of looked like.