Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another Hat for Judy

This time Judy/Lucy is sporting a plastic bag that formerly held potatoes. I watched Mom put it on her. It wasn't just set on her head, it is all tucked around in back too. I'm thinking I need to make poor Judy/Lucy a hat. A mini beret? A knit beanie?


flintysooner said...

I like your mom's choice but otherwise my vote is for a beret.

rilera said...

Judy/Lucy is the best dressed doll around thanks to your mom.

I've been showing off my lovely wool that you sent to me and everyone is very impressed, especially after I tell them you made it! I love it, thank you.

Cinnamin said...

I like the new hat! Maybe it is due to the heat? Sunhat?

I agree with Robyn, that is one well dressed doll! :)

Turtle said...

i don't know, it looks more like mom is making a bonnet. yup, a sun bonnet!