Thursday, June 5, 2008

Got Grass?

I do. An overabundance even. The llamas couldn't keep up. My neighbor, on the other hand, is running low. There is absolutely no sense in me mowing the grass, and it going to waste, right? OK, so I would use the clippings as mulch in the garden, or it would go into the compost pile, so it wouldn't be wasted exactly.

They rode a few of their horses over, and we let them loose in the yard. There was a tense period when the horses saw the llamas, even with a pasture between them. The horses were freaked out, whereas the llamas just rushed to the fence and watched, curious about the horses. Maybe that is why I like llamas better. Even though they are flight animals like horses, they are so much calmer and after an initial fright, will usually come to see what the fuss is all about.

On the other hand, Mom and I enjoyed watching the three horses run from one side of the house to the other. By this point, they weren't running because of the llamas, but just for the joy of it, tossing their heads, kicking their heels. Beautiful!

The neighbors walked home, and then drove their car back here a few hours later to bring the horses back home. (They left the car here and rode the horses home.) As they were catching the horses and saddling them up, I brought Mom outside, pocketed my keys, and locked the door behind us, so that Mom wouldn't go back in the house and possibly let the dogs out.

Later, the neighbor saw Mom going to the house, and asked if she would let the dogs out. I explained that I had locked the door, and reached into my pocket to show her the keys. Except there weren't any keys there. Instead, there was a folded up page torn from a magazine. I don't know when, because I didn't notice it, but Mom had taken my keys and replaced them with the paper. Luckily, she still had them, so we traded back. My Mom, the skilled pick-pocket!

The neighbors will bring the horses back for a few hours each day. The sun had actually peaked out for about an hour last night, but now it is raining again, with possibly severe storms headed our way this afternoon/tonight. They probably won't bring the horses today.


Cinnamin said...

The horses are beautiful!

I know I should not laugh, but still I am sneaking a smile at "My Mom the pickpocket". My Mother too, was very "resourceful" when it came to getting something that she wanted.

Cindy said...

How cool is that? When my grass gets too high I bag it and mulch with it or compost it, but I would love to feed somebody with it. Lovely pictures and is that the sun I saw?

rilera said...

I think I like llamas with their curious sense. I'm glad that the horses came and munched on the grass.

Your mom, she's so funny! There is never a dull moment with her is there? I'm glad that you two have each other, you will treasure this time together.

Turtle said...

How fun with the horses vs llamas.Still laughing at moms pickpocketing!

cornbread hell said...

my new favorite annie post.

and not just from the great story and pictures.

as rilera said, "you will treasure this time together."

Annie said...

Cindy, the sun came out for a couple of hours that night, then gray descended again.

Rick, you just liked the title? Hahahaha!

I do treasure this time. I really do.