Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night,

right around midnight. The dogs were looking at me expectantly, waiting for their supper. I remembered then that their fresh bag of dog food was still out in the truck, in the garage. I went outside to get it, and just as I reached the garage, I heard an odd noise. I was looking around behind me as I opened the garage door, but didn't see anything. I turned back to the garage, which was now open, and was confronted by this!

The giant suri monster!

I jumped about a mile and let out a little squeek. Sure, this all looks perfectly innocent in the light of day. Imagine it at night, only the faint light from the yard light some distance away illuminating the darkness. Suri* alpaca is very lustrous, so it kind of glowed in the faint light. It looked ghostly. Or yeti-ish.

A suri alpaca breeder had given the fleece to me as a thank you for doing spinning demonstrations during her open barn event. I finally got around to washing it, and had it on my drying rack. Since it has been raining off and on, I kept moving it in and out of the garage. I obviously forgot it was there.

I am an idiot.

I have never worked with suri fleece before, so this could be interesting. I have a lot of stuff in the line up before this, though, so this will have to go on the back burner. I have spinning to do, (it's getting there, Turtle!) and skirting and washing of many bags of newly shorn fleece, and prep for the art show I signed up for later this month. Aaaaagh!

*Suri alpaca fleece falls in ringlets away from the body, is very silky and lustrous, and feels almost cool to the hand. Huacaya alpaca, which is the kind I have, is the fluffy kind, has more crimp, and is less lustrous, or not at all lustrous, depending on the animal, and feels warm to the hand.


Cindy said...

Woulda scared the padoodle out of me, too. Yet, in the light of day, it's very pretty.

rilera said...

It looks scary in the daylight, I can't imagine it at night.