Monday, July 7, 2008

A hat for Judy

I received a surprise in the mail on Saturday.

The lovely and talented Überstrickenfrau sent this sweater and hat set for Judy. Isn't it sweet? Mom loves to play with the hat. She turns it inside out, runs it through her fingers, and just generally carries it around, when it isn't on Judy's head.

My sister, her husband, and her oldest and youngest boys (19 and 6) surprised me on Friday by showing up with their riding mower and two push mowers in the back of the truck. They then proceeded to mow the yard. The youngster and I were kept busy picking up sticks, and rescuing toads from the mowers. We relocated about 12 toads to my garden area. Then we picked strawberries to send home with them.


Cinnamin said...

What a beautiful sweater/hat combo! Love, love the color! It makes me smile to hear about your Mom and Judy's new hat - Was Mom a "hat person" before this time?
Nice to have friends like this!

Also GREAT to have family with riding mowers - I'm happy for you!

flintysooner said...


That's wonder your mom loves it. It is such a blessing to find things that bring a little joy to our loved ones. And many thanks and great blessings to the maker, too.

Also many blessings to your sister and her family - what a treat.

rilera said...

Judy is stylin'! That's a great outfit and such a generous and nice surprise. What a great friend.

rilera said...

Do I detect kitty legs in Judy's picture? :)

Turtle said...

ah how sweet on the sweater and hat set, lol at rescuing the toads!