Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Beware of clotheslines!

You might think they are perfectly innocuous. They just hang there, performing their service for years on end without complaint.

Until that day. That day when they've been squeezed by that clothespin just one too many times. Or they're overloaded with clothes, and bedding, and towels.

That day, when you least expect it, they will reach out as you walk under the clothesline, tangling themselves in the clasp holding the hair off your neck , and all of a sudden you are pulled painfully back by your head and stuck for a few minutes as you try to untangle the mess.

Protect yourself. Duck further than you think is necessary. Angry, hair pulling clotheslines are out there, and they're gunning for you.


flintysooner said...

Of course not everyone knows about clotheslines.

My clothesline story has to do with attempting to jump from the roof of a house to the roof of a very close, detached garage. My path took me over a clothesline.

Fortunately it broke and when I subsequently hit the ground I looked around to see if anyone and noticed.

It may not been totally the fault of the clothesline.

Cindy said...

And, remember, anyone can be affected. Even the vertically challenged;-)

Turtle said...

they are sneaky little buggers , even when unprovoked!

rilera said...

Yikes! that sounds painful! You know, our home association has banned clotheslines.

My mom used the clothesline when we were kids. The clothes and sheets always smelled so good when they dried on the line.