Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I don't know why, but I like the way the rows go into the clouds.

Mom had her neurologist appointment at Mayo last week. I heard what I wanted to hear, that anti-seizure medication is not warranted at this time. Yay! Infections can trigger seizures, so I have to watch for any signs of illness, especially UTI.

She also had an MRI done. That was interesting. I had to hold her hands to prevent her from moving the little cage like thingy that goes over her head. In order to do that, I had to stand bent over, draped across her, reaching halfway into the machine myself. By the time it was done, my back and neck were screaming.

The results were hard to see. The picture was clear. I meant, it was hard emotionally. Seeing actual physical evidence of the deterioration was difficult.

OK, on to happier news. I hadn't set an end to the drawing, but I figure 24 hours is good. The random number drawn was 6, so Mary wins. Mary, drop me an e-mail at annie at maplecorners doooot coooom to claim your set. Thanks for all the comments!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was very hard to see your Mom's MRI. It was hard for me to just read the results of my Mom's Cat Scan. My sister sent me a CD with digital files of the scans, and I've yet to be able to look at them.

gr8aunt ~Amanda

flintysooner said...

I love the rows merging into the clouds, too.

I had to hold dad several times and it was so hard. We never did have the MRI but I can imagine how emotional it must be to see one.

Feel for you - pushing for you.

rilera said...

Annie, I'm so sorry about the MRI results. Our poor Moms. Why them? Sending big huge hugs your way.

I love that picture too of the corn rows. It's very peaceful.

Kathy said...

Information helps appease the mind's appetite for clarity, even if it does not comfort. It isn't all courage that enables us to check under the bed for monsters - but your courage is, nevertheless, impressive. Bless you and you family.

LostInCO said...

Another beautiful picture! I'm glad to hear no seizure medication. Congrat's to Mary! Lucky her!!

Cindy said...

Nobody told us how bittersweet life would be, did they? There is something demoralizing about seeing the damage with your own eyes. I'm sorry.

Cinnamin said...

Beautiful photo, I like the rows as well, kinda peaceful and calming to me.

I'm sorry that you had such a rough experience with the neuro.