Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Haven no more

We had a big wind come through this morning. I can't tell if it is salvageable, because I can't lift the thing up by myself.

This was the only damage, no trees or large limbs were lost, no hail on my brand new roof, so I should consider myself lucky. So why am I still so sad (ok, angry) about losing this?

I want Mom to be able to enjoy the outdoors in safety. With a few cases of West Nile Virus being reported on the news, I don't feel it is safe for Mom to sit outside with all the thirsty blood suckers out there. Aauuugh!

It probably doesn't help that I'm operating on about three hours of sleep. I thought there was a bat in the house all night, because I kept hearing things, but could never find anything when I would get up and look. Just when I finally gave up and was about to doze off, Mom was up at 3. I was able to get her back to bed around 4, then the dogs were barking/snuffling at something, which didn't help my suspicions that there was something in the house, then I was up at 7. I want a nap! Sorry for the whining.


rilera said...

You are entitled to whine. I'm sorry to hear about the gazebo, that sucks. I hope it's salvageable. I hope that you don't have bats. They are nasty. Take care.

punkin said...

Whining allowed. You certainly didn't get much rest.

Turtle said...

everyone hs to have their whining day, we announce when it is our turn at work! *smile* The gazebo may have just been knocked around and be completely salvageable, fingers crossed! Did you check your roof out again to be sure those pesky raccoons are not trying to get back in?

Cindy said...

I'm sorry about the gazebo. I hope it can be fixed. As for the whining. Knock yourself out. It's totally allowed. If I can, you can;-)

Cinnamin said...

Oh no! I hope that the bat search is unfounded - I hate those little suckers!

Sorry to hear about the gazebo!! :(

I too hope that you are able to catch up on your sleep! I only heard you give a sigh...No whine was involved. Take care!

cornbread hell said...

yep. a nap would be nice.

but in lieu of that, whine away.