Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Art of Alzheimer's

Found this on the kitchen table last night. Mom colored the little well? thing at the adult day care she used to attend when I was still working in the Cities.

Earlier, Mom was sitting on the couch with a coloring book and what I thought was a pencil. I was tired, so stretched out on the couch next to her to get in a little rest. I could feel her fooling around with my leg, but didn't think anything of it. Big mistake.

She actually had a pen.


rilera said...

Your mom, the tattoo artist!

LostInCO said...

You must have been tired!

Turtle said...

lol, your mom is so great. i love how she enjoys expressing herself. Seriously, i see a book in these photos! the first collage reminds me of a sundial or compass. nice tat!

Anonymous said...

Bet this is one of those times that you'll wait a LONG time to wash that leg!! :-)
I love it!


cornbread hell said...

i'm with turtle. BOOK!

i'd be tempted to write on her leg when she goes to sleep. hahahaha

(nice leg)

Cinnamin said...


Sorry for the laughter at your new tat, but this just struck me as SO funny!

I agree - A book of "the Art of ALZ" is a great idea!