Monday, August 18, 2008

Sock and sunsets

I actually cast on a sock on Saturday. I like how this yarn is knitting up, mostly gray but with little glimmers of blue here and there. I am using size 0 needles, and it is creating a nice sturdy fabric, perfect for socks. I am pleased.

We've had some nice sunsets the past couple of nights. Here's Saturday night:

And last night:

I never seem to tire of this view. Or taking pictures of it. I've been here eight years now, and still the sky never seems the same twice. I'm still amazed at the colors and color combinations Ma Nature comes up with.

I've been feeling a bit of wanderlust lately, but don't have a way of satisfying it. Maybe that's why I am fascinated with the sky lately. The view is the same, but at least the sky is everchanging.


LostInCO said...

the sock is lovely. The sunset pictures are beautiful. I love sunrises and sunsets.

Joy said...

Wonderful sunset photos, and I like the sock, too!

Cindy said...

That will be a warm and snuggy sock. As for the wanderlust? Walk with your Mom and try to see your acreage through her eyes. It's not the same, but it might help.

cornbread hell said...

beautiful. awesome. (the sunset pictures, too.)

"cast on a sock" ?

Annie said...

Rick, there are many ways to cast on, it just means to put the initial stitches on the needles to start knitting. Knitting instructions will say, cast on xx stitches using the xx cast on. In this case, I cast on 40 stitches using the long tail cast on. More info than you ever wanted to know. Or, we'll get you knitting yet!