Saturday, August 30, 2008

Art of Alzheimer's

When I walked in the kitchen and saw the utensils scattered about, I thought, oh, Mom's been playing in the utensil drawer again, and started putting them away.

I stopped in the nick of time. The cord for the toaster is what made me stop. Then I saw.

What I didn't notice until I was looking at the photos, was the colorized effect. It looks like a black and white, except for the green trim on the potholder. It's just that everything in the photo, except for the trim, is shades of gray, white, black.

I wonder if Mom saw that.

I wonder how many works I've missed because I didn't see.


rilera said...

Amazing. Your Mom is so creative. And I do think that these designs are intentional in every aspect including placement and colors. It's amazing to me the different ways that our loved ones continue to express themselves when the usual channels are no longer available.

sophanne said...

I think it's beautiful.

Turtle said...

i also like how the utensils lined up so nicely with the scraper. It would be wonderful to know how they view things.

LostInCO said...