Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spin, span, spun

The aster batt.

The aster singles.

The aster yarn.

Oops, bad spinning blogger. I didn't measure yardage or wpi. Hey, it weighs 5 ounces.

Mom was up what feels like a million times last night. I think the big atmospheric change had her restless. It happens every time a front blows through. It was hot and humid last night and this morning, then a north wind blew in and we dropped about 15 degrees in a couple of hours.

There are drawbacks to having a large east facing picture window in your bedroom. The sun seemed to come up extra early today. (I know that it is actually rising later!) There are advantages too though. I can be in bed and watch the sun rise, and today's was spectacular. No photos though, too tired. I just appreciated.


rilera said...

I love the aster yarn. It's a very pretty color. Your ideas for dyes are so cool.

My mom was restless last night also. And agitated. Does your Mom get agitated? My mom will get agitated and teary and that is so hard to deal with. I try to distract her somehow and sometimes it works.

Cindy said...

The aster yarn is beautiful. What does it want to be? It would make a gorgeous pair of mittens or hat. Sometimes, it's just good to be appreciative. The exhaustion can sap everything else out of you

cornbread hell said...

it's been so cloudy here (praise the lord) the sunrise has been very muted.

that yarn would make a nice wig for a cabaret act. just kidding.

or a knitted wall hanging to brighten up a room. (not j.k.)

but i know you'll use it for something much more practical. like a beautiful pair of mittens.

LostInCO said...

The aster yarn is lovely! Enjoying the sunrise from bed, nice. sounds like what you needed.