Monday, August 25, 2008

Boas and Dusters

Mom did NOT feel like modeling today, so we have Judy (I just had to knit one for Judy!) sporting hers around her neck, and Mom's around her feet.

The big excitement around here was the crop duster was back the other day.

He was spraying the sweet corn across the road from me. See those power lines? I kept fearing he was going to clip them on his way by.

He never did though.


rilera said...

Those boas you made are much better than the ones at Michaels! Judy once again looks stylin'.

LostInCO said...

Very nice job on the boas! Great picts on the crop dusters. Those guys have to be good pilots they get so low and have to avoid crashing into everything.

Cindy said...

The boas are perfect. The crop duster? Did you see Cary Grant running in the field?????

Kathy said...

And I thought I was lucky getting pictures of a speeding train - great photos of the plane! Cute boa - I wish you Mom would have been in the mood to model.

Turtle said...

cute boas, cool on the crop duster! what did your mom make of it?

Cinnamin said...

Lucky Judy! Very nice - And I love the color as well!

I remember watching the crop dusters as a child,spraying the fields of crops around here. They sure DO fly low! Great pics!