Friday, August 15, 2008


My work e-mail gets a lot of spam. The latest rage seems to be fake headlines from MSNBC or CNN or wherever.

There must be a spammer out there with a sense of humor. I've actually taken to reading the headlines, because they are funny! I've written down a few recent ones, and thought I'd share.

"Breaking news! No one killed in Bancroft, WV today."

"Chinese authorities arrest, beat up Olympic panda."

"Favre gets unconditional reverse deactivation restriction preclusion." I LOVED that one.

"Scientists warn of new global luke warming threat!"

"Extreme Home Makeover host Ty Pennington's house inadvertently bulldozed."

Come on, they're funny!

Yes, Cornbread the Dude, I have been reduced to reading spam. Not eating it, though.


cornbread hell said...

hahahahaha. did you make those up?
if not, your spam beats mine by a mile.

the best i could find in my inbox was, "don't hold on to excess waste."

Cindy said...

I get those spams at work, but not here at home. And, darn it all, I don't have time to read them at work. Yours are priceless.

Turtle said...

they are cute!

Annie said...

I swear I didn't make them up.

Cindy, at work I get a lot of web-based questions, so I still have to skim through everything marked spam to be sure I don't miss a question from a valid customer.

LostInCO said...

Funny. Not eating spam! :)