Thursday, August 14, 2008


The first tomatoes are being picked now. I am in a quandary as to what to do with them.

The first option, and the one I'm leaning toward, is tabouli/tabbouleh (pick your spelling) salad. I've got the fresh tomato, fresh cucumber, and I'll probably throw in some zucchini or yellow squash, because I have about ten of them in my fridge and more growing.

The next option is pasta with the tomatoes, fresh basil (also growing by leaps and bounds), zuke and squash. Fresh mozzarella was on sale at the store, so I have that too. I may even have some mushrooms to throw in there.

The third option is fresh salsa. I noticed this morning that the lone pepper plant is full of little spicy bundles of joy.

I still have tomatoes in the freezer from last year, so I can round out the last two with those, if the few fresh ones I have aren't enough.

Again, I am so lucky that this is the extent of my problem for the day.


Cinnamin said...

A cool salad sounds wonderful!

All of your ideas sound yummy - But an end of summer cool salad thing works for me today. In fact, THANKS for the idea! Think I'll go with a nice chef's salad for dinner tonight!

Mary said...

I'll gladly take those problems off your hands! Homegrown tomatoes are the best!

cornbread hell said...

i'm thinking roadside vegetable stand and your mom's artful arrangements.

yeah, yeah...just what you need is another project.