Saturday, August 16, 2008


Last year my sister did the Memory Walk for Alzheimer's. To help her with fundraising, I held a raffle of sorts for this yarn.

Yesterday I got an e-mail from the winner of the yarn. She had made this with it.

She does beautiful work! The scarf is going to Switzerland as a gift to mark an 80th birthday. That makes me happy.

I've been doing some plying, and actually have two skeins finished. I haven't been spinning much lately, so this makes me happy too.

I like them together. Hmmm. This was going to be two separate pairs of socks, and I think it still will be. However, I think there is probably enough of both to make a third pair combining the two. Mom needs a pair of bed socks for the winter, her feet are always cold.


rilera said...

Gorgeous colors! Your work is so beautiful and I'm glad to see that the Memory Walk yarn went to a deserving person.

cornbread hell said...


LostInCO said...

Love the blues!

Cindy said...

beautiful yarn, beautiful scarf, beautiful yarn.

judyp613 said...

Wonderful stuff.

I'd love to know where you learned to do all this plying and spinning stuff.

Annie said...

Thanks guys.

Judyp, I learned mostly from books and online tutorials. After that, I took a spinning class at an area wool festival. Haven't looked back since.

Turtle said...

Beautiful yarns! And the scarf the person knit is gorgeous as well! i finished the gretel hat this morning using your beautiful yarn! will be scarfed by both my daughter and myself this coming winter! i will get a pic posted as soon as possible! i love it, thanks!